With a favorable installment loan to replace the credit line

At regular intervals consumer advocates and politicians strike alarm. The focus of criticism is then the banks that pull their customers out of pocket with extremely high interest rates for emergency loans.

The savings interest know for years only one way, namely down. On the other hand, the interest on tolerated overdrafts remains at a constant double-digit rate.

Anyone who has a negative one with their account pays a lot of money to the bank month after month. This makes the balance of the account more difficult, of course.

Installment credit is better than an outright loan

Installment credit is better than an outright loan


As a short-term buffer, a credit line is without doubt very useful. So, if you have short spells of a few days or a few weeks to go, a credit plan is the right choice. However, once you realize that you will not get out of the red for the foreseeable future, you should act. The concrete recommendation: replace the expensive Dispo by a favorable installment loan . For regular loans, the interest rate is often just half or even one-third of the overdraft rate.

Fair credit with small installments

The inclusion of a loan to dispo take-off is especially easy online. For example, at crediter, enter your loan request from 2,000 euros, enter the required details of your income and submit the application. After a day you will often receive a concrete offer which is completely free of charge for you.

Another tip: If you want to replace not only the credit line, but also want to have more money at leisure, just choose a slightly higher loan amount. You can then balance your account and settle for the remaining sum, such as a long-cherished wish. By repaying the emergency loan, you kill two birds with one stone: Firstly, thanks to the lower interest rates you immediately save money. Secondly, the disposition framework that is available to you is fully available again – so you are well prepared for unexpected expenses in the future.