The Best Survival Knife

A good survival knife could be, as its name implies, essential for survival in many cases where someone ventures into the great outdoors. Many outdoor enthusiasts also think though, that it is essential to also carry a good hunting knife as well, as they can be used for different purposes and so could also save your life in different situations. There is no doubt though that having a good quality knife of some description is absolutely essential for the many different hazards you may meet on your ventures.

Whether you think you need just a survival knife or a survival knife and a hunting knife, you will certainly want to ensure that you have a good survival knife; one which is capable of saving your life should if an unfortunate incident were to occur. For that reason, to help enthusiasts in the great outdoors, to choose the best possible survival knife, some websites provide a best survival knife guide for people to read.

These sites are usually written by outdoor enthusiasts, many of whom have tried several of the knives they mention on their site but all have at least carried out extensive research on all of them and give their views as to which, they think, maybe the best for you. However, the best knife for one person may not be the best for another as many personal preferences come into play such as weight, length, and strength but usually one of the knives reviewed will be best for you, if not the website’s first and top recommendation.

The reason for having two knives is because the hunting knife is generally slightly smaller and made of steel. This is ideal for skinning, cutting string and vines and perhaps even for the smaller twigs needed to get a fire going. The survival knife is often larger with a blade made of an exotic alloy which provides extra strength so that it can be used to cut larger twigs, dig holes to build a fire or bury garbage in and of course can be used as a weapon if you are attacked by a wild animal. So the hunting knife is a smaller knife which is ideal for intricate work whilst the survival knife is larger and capable of being a real weapon against a wild animal.

Those people that carry these knives into the wilderness, especially if they carry two, will usually have a special shelf for them so as to make them easier to carry. As well as being easier to carry through, the ideal sheaf should also allow the knife to be quickly and easily available for when an unexpected incident occurs. Most serious outdoorsmen will feel naked without their knives and so they should because without them they are laid bare to the many different potential hazards that may await them every minute they venture into the unknown wilderness but after all, it is often that sense of danger which is so appealing.