Small loan despite private credit – clear credit

A small loan, which is also repeatedly referred to as a personal loan, is a sub-form of the installment loan. You can already take small loans with a loan of 500 euros; The loan amount transferred to the given giro account may be freely disbursed.

The microcredit is the alternative to dealer financing

Of course, there are also small loans despite private credit.This financing, you decide what you want to use the money in a row. Small loans are an alternative to those financings offered directly by the dealer. Thus, the new television can be paid with the small loan, although the financing was not completed through the dealer. A small loan despite private credit can already be taken up from 500 euros; the maximum loan amount is 3,500 euros.

We make sure that the processing of lending is carried out quickly and unbureaucratically. So you can be sure that you will soon find the requested amount in your checking account. Mostly, small loans are taken up by housewives, so you can make new purchases fairly quickly, for example, when the washing machine has stopped its service.

But small loans are also popular at Christmas time, when the gifts are more expensive than planned. The microcredit may also allow the next summer vacation if the holiday money is needed for other expenses. The advantage of a small loan? Since it is only a small loan amount, the loan can be repaid fairly quickly. Small loans also cause only very small monthly installments. These advantages ensure that more and more people take out a loan despite private credit .

The advantages of a small loan despite private credit

The advantages of a small loan despite private credit

You would like to make an acquisition, but do not want to conclude a long loan term? If you need a small amount and want a low rate and low interest rates, then you should opt for a small loan despite private credit. You benefit from fast processing and can look forward to a very favorable offer. Would you also like to hedge? Opt for a residual debt insurance.

This can be concluded together with the credit agreement. So you can protect yourself and your family. Finally, there are unforeseen events that can subsequently lead to financial difficulties (job loss, illness and the like). Note also that the small loan is not earmarked despite private credit.