Fire service loans, assignment of the fifth and small loans creditari

Are you a firefighter and want to buy a new car, pay medical bills or renovate your home? what you need are the fire brigade loans.

No matter your financial need, you understand that as a fireman you can access personal loans that could be provided by conventional and financial banks, as well as what you can get directly from INPS.

If you have problems in repaying your debts, do not worry: you will continue to have the ability to acquire the desired amount! fire brigade loans

Bank and financial fire brigade loans

Bank and financial fire brigade loans

Let’s start by remembering that if you have never had problems with repaying previous debts, you can have access to a personal loan that is finalized and not targeted through ordinary banking channels.

In general, cheap low-cost loans for firefighters are characterized by particularly favorable interest rates and lower than market averages. Then you will have the opportunity to receive the total amount of money you want to buy the cars, furniture or appliances you want, or even spend more money or keep the additional liquidity available.

Regarding the quality of these loans for firefighters that you can see in the bank and in finance, remember that you could ask about 30,000 euros (however it is not strange to find a much more generous offer!) To be returned within a period of time between 12 and 72 weeks (but in addition, there are loans with repayment programs up to a number of months equal to 120).

The interest rate to which these personal loans for firefighters will be subjected is generally set, but upon request the bank can also assess the provision of a variable rate loan.

To request a personal fire-fighting loan, you will need to send your personal documents, your pay check and, if necessary, additional documents such as domestic users in the reference lender, quotes and so on.

Sale of the fifth for firefighters

If you have problems with repaying previous loans, then you can conduct repairs through a loan along with the fifth firefighter’s mission, which you can – of course – access even if you have not had any problems with repaying your previous loans.

The operation of the fifth assignment for firefighters is almost trivial.

All you have to do is visit a bank or a bank and request the activation of this type of specific payment, which can last up to 120 months.

The firefighter loans, together with the sale of the fifth of firefighters, will be paid at a fixed rate and always accompanied by an insurance coverage on life and against any reduction in work, the price of which will be added in monthly payments. On the contrary, you will not be asked for quotations and proof of expenses.

The amount you can get through a five-year financial grant, especially in the amount of your salary, considering that you will not be able to charge more than 20 percent of your net income.

Finally, keep in mind that you can apply for a quick loan using a fifth of the salary for firefighters, even if you have a fixed-term contract. In cases like this, however, it is crucial that the duration of the loan does not exceed the duration of the employment contract.

The proxy loan for firefighters

Another useful opportunity that is given to all those who have added financing needs is the prospect of acquiring a delegated loan. In this case, however, the requirements are more stringent. As a “higher risk” loan, which can be added to the sale of this fifth, the applicant must have a permanent contract plus a seniority of at least 12 months.

Faced with these somewhat stricter requirements, the proxy loan will allow you a full debt of around 40 percent of your monthly net salary. For the rest, the delinquency loan respects the exact characteristics as a normal mission of the fifth, which allows you to be indebted up to 120 months at a predetermined rate and with the payment of the direct deduction of salary.

In this case, it is also mandatory to register a life insurance policy against loss of job and must also present proof of identity, tax code and final salary.

Inpdap loans firefighters

We conclude this short excursion of funding for firefighters with the personal Inpdap loan.

Inpdap fire brigade loans, in fact, as employees of the public government may have access to particular Inpdap loans that are paid by INPS, the institution that has been replaced by the Inpdap in all its functions.

These fast online loans are always distinguished by the sale of the part of the transferable income up to a maximum of 20 percent of their salary and are addressed to all those registered as members of the unitary management of social and credit benefits and who are in possession of a permanent employment contract.

And if you have a fixed-term contract?

In this scenario, however, there are interesting opportunities to access a “loan”, but it is necessary that the fixed-term contract has a duration of at least 36 months and that the duration of the loan does not exceed the duration of the contract.

Remember that fire loans could be requested in case of arrest, protest or reporting to Crif as a bad payer.

Their petition is extremely simple: in reality, it will be enough to present a specific application to its own government.

An even simpler version of the fire brigade loans Inpdap firefighters along with the sale of this fifth is represented by small Inpdap loans.