Wine Retailers

Today the job of a wine retailer has been made more difficult by the vast number of export wines which are increasingly appearing on the market. Why this can be a problem for wine retailers is because they do not have space to stock all of them, they have to try and decide which ones will sell and which ones will not. The huge increase in the number of wines is not perhaps because there is a great increase in the number of different kinds of wine but rather because there is an increasing number of brands making the same wines. This huge increase has occurred because as wine becomes increasingly popular, more and more countries which at one time only made wines for domestic consumption, are now exporting them all over the world.

Unfortunately though, some wines cannot be perfectly duplicated regardless of which grapes are used and it are those somewhat unique wines which retailers are failing to stock, to the annoyance of some wine Connoisseurs. Fortunately today though, online websites and stores like Shop Langhe are coming to the rescue of those Connoisseurs by providing those unique wines to be ordered online. This particular site allows for the ordering of wines from the Langhe region of Italy which is well-known for its excellent wines as well as its cheese and truffles. The site specializes in anything produced in the Langhe region and so includes some of the best wines in the world.

The site does not just allow for Connoisseurs to order their wine though as they also cater to retailers and to discerning restaurants that like to have a diverse cellar. Although the wines can be ordered by the bottle, it is far more convenient if ordered in larger numbers and that also makes for cheaper prices both for the wine and for the shipping. As the site specializes in products from just the one region, they are able to fill the orders by going to the producers direct which saves money and makes for faster deliveries.

Every bottle of Langhe wine ordered will display the DOC, DOCG or IGT markings on their labels which identifies them as being of high quality and authentic. This labeling system was introduced in Italy by the Italian government in order to recognize and acknowledge the better wines of Italy and although the system was first introduced in the mid-20th century, is still in place today. As a further sign of excellence with the wines from Langhe, more recently, in 2014, Langhe was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status due to its history of devotion to the making of fine, high quality wines.

It is perhaps little wonder then why wine Connoisseurs around the world are annoyed when their local wine retailer does not stock such excellent wines. They can now however, help convince their retailer to use the website or in fact just use it themselves so that they have their own stocks available for when they want to drink a top quality wine.