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Today’s funding offers change very fast and it is often difficult for the client to find the best online financing and the features that make a loan advantageous. In order to evaluate the convenience of the best financing it is necessary to take into account the same parameters that are evaluated for traditional loans:

What are the parameters to consider in order to obtain the best online financing?

  • the nominal annual interest rate (TAN)
  • the annual percentage rate (APR)
  • the capital provided
  • the duration of the loan
  • the amount and frequency of installments for the repayment of the requested sum.

When choosing an online loan, you must also take into account all the costs and services necessary for the management of your loan in particular: The costs of the preliminary investigation, the collection and installment fees, the stamp duty, the costs for closing the loan , insurance policies.

Best online financing

To compare the various offers with precision, it will be useful to use the APR which, being the TAN and all the ancillary costs, expresses as a percentage the real and effective cost of a loan. It will therefore be easy, comparing the APRs of the various loans offered, to understand which offers the most convenient conditions.

It is often good to also evaluate the TAN as an evaluation parameter. Why? Simple, the TAN is used by banks and financial institutions to calculate the extinction count in case you want to pay off the loan early. The lower the TAN and the less will be the interests that will divert you into the count of anticipated extinction then pay particular attention to this fact.

It is a good rule to choose the best financing that TAN and TAEG are very close to each other so as to be able to recover more interest not accrued over time in case of early repayment.
To evaluate an online loan you must also consider that the greater the amount of the loan requested, the greater the amount of the amount and the number of the installments to be repaid, moreover, if you choose an amortization plan distributed over a longer period of time , you will get a lower installment.

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