Flicko de Mayo set for GR

We welcome players from around the US or further afield to Grand Rapids for Flicko de Mayo III. Last year it was our highest ever attended tournament, with 17 participants. This year...???

If you´re on Twitter, start creating a buzz for the tournament by using hashtag #flickodemayo and follow us at @misubbuteo !

March 30th 2014
Back on the World Map

The next open tournament hosted by MiSTFA will be a FISTF Satellite tournament. It´s nine years since a FISTF event was hosted in Michigan, Zach Walker beating his brother Chris in Muskegon. We also hosted one in 2004, won by Ontario´s Chris Buttigieg against Pennsylvania´s Mike Benkart. The venue for the tournament has not yet been set, it will be in either Grand Rapids or Detroit.

February 16th 2014
From One Tie of the Round to the Next

The Quarter-Final draw was made Sunday, and the road to the final for the Rangers teams was made a little more difficult. The winners of last week´s postponed tie will meet Myers View Magpies. Info here.

February 16th 2014
Tight Games in Weekend Cup Ties

Last year´s semi-finalists FC Boom knocked out KCSL strugglers NK´86 Idemaar with the only goal of a tight contest Saturday. In Sunday´s game, Effington U grabbed a last minute winner in extra time against Rivertown Roar. Info here.

February 16th 2014
Rapids Edge Back to Top

KCSL action resumed with a short meet at The Scratching Post. A 3-0 win against Myers View Magpies gave Boscombe Rapids a slight edge at the top, as Barcerock Catarams battled to a 2-1 win over Coit Park Rangers. Info here.

February 10th 2014
Rockford Pair Ease into Quarters

Cup holders Barcerock Catarams blew away Putteridge Shipbuilding Academy with an 8-0 win, while Myers View Magpies had a tougher time with another fledgling team, Atlas, winning 3-0. Info here.

February 8th 2014
GRAS Cup 1st Round Draw Complete

2013 finalists Union Avenue Rangers take on Coit Park Rangers in the tie of the 1st round of this year´s GRAS Cup. Other interesting ties are Rivertown Roar v Effington U and FC Boom v NK´86 Idemaar. Best game for giantkilling hopefuls? Possibly the defensive Lazyboy Athletic against the attacking Boscombe Rapids. Full draw here.

January 25th 2014
Lake Effect Trophy CANCELLED

Due to snow drifting and difficult driving conditions we have cancelled the Lake Effect Trophy. If we decide to set a new date we will post it here as well as on social media.

January 25th 2014
Lake Effect Trophy Returns for 10th Anniversary

We will welcome players to SpeakEZ Lounge in Grand Rapids for Lake Effect Trophy VII. This tournament was our second one ever, hosted in 2004 for the first time. Most recently, Peter Alegi beat a 9-person field to win the 2013 title, beating 14-year-old Nathan Pate in the final.

If you´re on Twitter, start creating a buzz for the tournament by using hashtag #lakeeffecttrophy and follow us at @misubbuteo !

December 2nd 2013
Catarams Tame the Rapids

Six games played at The Scratching Post tonight. The schedule allowed for those with games in hand to catch up a bit. Barcerock Catarams stormed into first place on goal difference with a perfect 3 wins out of 3 and no goals conceded. They became the first team from the GR area to defeat Boscombe Rapids, edging them 1-0 in the night's opening game. Rapids let the league lead slip in a 2-3 defeat against Coit Park Rangers, who solidified third place.

BOR 0 BRC 1;
MVM 0 UAR 0;
NKI 0 BRC 4;
BRC 3 UAR 0;
CPR 3 BOR 2;
UAR 1 BOR 4.
Barcerock Catarams..9..6..1..2.20..5.19
Boscombe Rapids.....9..6..1..2.22..9.19
Coit Park Rangers..10..4..3..
Union Ave Rangers...9..3..4..2..5..8.13
Myers View Magpies..9..3..2..4..8.13.11
NK'86 Idemaar......10..0..1..9..1.27..1
October 28th 2013
Alegi Takes Anniversary Title

Italian Peter Alegi of East Lansing won another ASA/WASPA title by topping a 9-man round robin tournament in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Saturday. He won 7 games, drawing just one against Mike Ewer where he trailed 0-1 but recovered with a late goal. Rockford's 15-year-old Nathan Pate was in a race for 2nd with Grand Rapids' Mike Ewer until the latter lost his unbeaten streak against Chicago's Chris Sweetland, sealing the youngster's silver medal spot. The final game between them was a mere formality.

It was an outstanding national and international debut for the North Vernon players from southern Indiana, who pushed the likes of Sweetland, Paul Pate and Tim Tumminaro into the lower half of the table. Both players exhibited some quickfire play, Brad Hendricks was a bit more methodical and his defence was the second best of the day, earning him fourth place. Shane McNulty was involved in one of the best games of the day, losing 3-4 to Ewer after leading 2-0 and 3-2.

Sweetland's play was curiously subdued. Having made his tournament debut in Grand Rapids' Flicko de Mayo, where he almost eliminated eventual champion Steve Laskey, he started this tournament firing five blanks in two draws and three defeats. He recovered though to force a 1-1 draw against Paul Pate, before tripping up Ewer's ambitions at a second place coming back from 0-1 down to win 2-1.

Paul Pate's seventh place and Tim Tumminaro's eighth place were both indicative of some inconsistent play, but both were more victims of an incredibly level playing field than of their own form.

First year player Chad Idema's record of zero points and zero goals bely his improvement over the past six months or so. He was awarded the Sportsmanship Prize by STCreations66 and Tim Tumminaro.

Michigan's next tournament will be held in January, date and venue to be arranged.

Scores to follow ....................P..W..D..L..F..A.Pt
Peter Alegi ....... 8..7..1..0 30..3.22
Nathan Pate ....... 8..5..1..
Mike Ewer ......... 8..4..3..1.15..8.15
Brad Hendricks .... 8..2..4..2..8..7.10
Shane McNulty ..... 8..3..1..
Chris Sweetland ... 8..2..3..3..6..9..9
Paul Pate ......... 8..2..3..3..8.12..9
Tim Tumminaro ..... 8..2..2..4..6.11..8
Chad Idema ........ 8..0..0..8..0.26..0
October 12th 2013
Boscombe Move Into KCSL Lead

A great night's play at Myers View. NK'86 scored their first league goal in a 4-1 loss to Boscombe Rapids. Match of the day was a 3-3 thriller between Boscombe and Coit Park Rangers. Boscombe go top, CPR's unbeaten day jumps them into 2nd. The previous top two didn't play.

MVM 1 CPR 3, BOR 4 NKI 1;
MVM 2 NKI 0, CPR 3 BOR 3;
MVM 0 BOR 3, CPR 3 NKI 0.
Boscombe Rapids.....6..5..1..0.16..4.16
Coit Park Rangers...9..3..3..3.14..9.12
Union Ave Rangers...6..3..3..0..4..1.12
Barcerock Catarams..6..3..1..2.12..5.10
Myers View Magpies..8..3..1..4..8.13.10
NK'86 Idemaar.......9..0..1..8..1.23..1
September 30th 2013
Boscombe Rapids' Start Late but Great

Matchday 2 of the Kent County Subbuteo League at John Peel Memorial Stadium saw Boscombe Rapids make their debut. They won all 3 encounters, including a tight 1-0 win with a goal in the final 2 minutes against hosts Coit Park Rangers. CPR finally got their first win with a 3-0 win over NK'86, who previously had battled to their first point against Union Avenue Rangers. UAR remain unbeaten after 6 games and stay on top with 12 points. Catarams are 2 points back, then Rapids just one more point back but with 3 games in hand.

CPR 0 UAR 0, BOR 2 BRC 0;
BOR 3 MVM 0, NKI 0 BRC 4;
CPR 0 BOR 1, MVM 1 UAR 1;
NKI 0 UAR 0;
CPR 3 NKI 0.
Union Ave Rangers...6..3..3..0..4..1.12
Barcerock Catarams..6..3..1..2.12..5.10
Boscombe Rapids.....3..3..0..0..6..0..9
Myers View Magpies..5..2..1..2..5..7..7
Coit Park Rangers...6..1..2..3..5..5..5
NK'86 Idemaar.......6..0..1..5..0.14..1
September 7th 2013
Union Use Home Advantage

Brian Lambert's Union Avenue Rangers dominated in their home session of the new KCSL. Three goals in three games were enough for nine points. Boscombe Rapids were unable to take part in the first session. Coit Park Rangers struggled on the grass pitch and collected a single point.

UAR 1 BRC 0, MVM 1 CPR 0;
CPR 2 BRC 2, MVM 3 NKI 0;
BRC 3 MVM 0, UAR 1 NKI 0;
UAR 1 CPR 0, BRC 3 NKI 0.
Union Ave Rangers...3..3..0..0..3..0..9
Barcerock Catarams..4..2..1..1..8..3..7
Myers View Magpies..3..2..0..1..4..3..6
Coit Park Rangers...3..0..1..2..2..4..1
NK'86 Idemaar.......3..0..0..3..0..7..0
Boscombe Rapids.....yet to play
August 10th 2013
KCSL Starts with Six

The Kent County Subbuteo League will start up for the 2013/14 season with 6 members. Barcerock Catarams (Nathan Pate), Boscombe Rapids (Marcus Fila), Coit Park Rangers (Mike Ewer), Myers View Magpies (Paul Pate), NK'86 Idemaar (Chad Idema) and Union Avenue Rangers (Brian Lambert) will play a quadruple round robin league from August to May. Matches will be hosted at the participants' home stadiums on rotation. Boscombe Rapids will more than likely not host until at least the latter half of the season.

August 3rd 2013
Alegi Takes 616 Cup

Peter Alegi walked off with a half gallon of Michigan maple syrup as winner of the 616 Cup played at SpeakEZ Lounge on Sunday.

Unbeaten in a 7-game round robin tournament, his only blemish was a 1-1 draw with Paul Pate. The only out-of-state visitor this time round was Tim Tumminaro from the Chicago area, who finished 5th on goal difference.

Marcus Fila, from Bournemouth England via Athens Ohio and new to the Grand Rapids area, played his first ASA tournament and finished second, losing only to Peter Alegi 0-1 and drawing with Paul Pate 2-2.

Mike Ewer started out with two amazing results beating both Pates, Paul 3-0 and Nate 1-0, but then some indifferent form placed him 4th.

Nathan Pate was a disappointing 5th, only beating the bottom two players.

First year player EZ Albertson, owner of SpeakEZ, played a couple of 0-0 draws against Mike Ewer and Paul Pate.

It was great to receive our near neighbour Tim Tumminaro from just a couple of hours away for the first time. And Marcus Fila adds to a local scene growing in strength.

ME 3 PP 0, MF 2 NP 0, PA 8 CI 0, TT 2 EZ 0;
ME 1 NP 0, MF 5 TT 0, PA 5 EZ 0, PP 5 CI 0;
PA 1 MF 0, TT 1 ME 0, NP 0 PP 0, EZ 1 CI 0;
MF 4 EZ 1, PA 5 ME 0, PP 2 TT 0, NP 5 CI 0;
ME 0 EZ 0, MF 5 CI 0, PA 1 PP 1, TT 2 NP 2;
MF 3 ME 2, PA 7 NP 1, TT 6 CI 0, EZ 0 PP 0;
PP 2 MF 2, PA 8 TT 0, ME 4 CI 0, NP 7 EZ 0.
Peter Alegi.........7..6..1..0.35..2.19
Marcus Fila.........7..5..1..1.21..6.16
Paul Pate...........7..2..4..1.10..6.10
Mike Ewer...........7..3..1..3.10..9.10
Tim Tumminaro.......7..3..1..
Nathan Pate.........7..2..2..3.15.12..8
Eric EZ Albertson...7..1..2..4..2.18..5
Chad Idema..........7..0..0..7..0.34..0
July 28th 2013
The Globe Welcomes Marcus Fila

After years in Ohio unaware of Subbuteo activity in the US, we allowed England's Marcus Fila just two days in Michigan before getting him on a pitch. The Globe Invitational was arranged to give Michigan's players a practice session prior to the 616 Cup on July 28th. Six players assembled and enjoyed some incredibly close competition. Marcus' debut was a 1-1 draw with Mike Ewer, while Paul Pate also split two goals with Brian Lambert. Ewer then ended a three year drought against Paul Pate with a 2-1 win, while son Nathan also drew 1-1 with Marcus Fila. Chad Idema was the sixth player present.

July 13th 2013
Catarams win GRAS Cup

After a delay of two months, the GRAS Cup Final was played as part of The Globe Invitational. Nathan Pate's Barcerock Catarams went down a goal to Brian Lambert's Union Avenue Rangers, but recovered to lead 2-1. Rangers levelled again, before the 'Rams scored a late winner to lift the cup.

July 13th 2013
Laskey Wins Flicko de Mayo

Steve Laskey of Cleveland became the first out of state winner of a MiSTFA tournament for some six years, suffering from a recent foot injury but escaping a "group of death" before beating East Lansing's Peter Alegi 2-0 in the final.

Laskey was grouped with Paul Pate and Chicago's Chris Sweetland in a five-player Group D. Pate beat Sweetland 1-0 in Chris' first competitive game. Pate then drew 0-0 with Laskey. As the final game for these three reached half time, Sweetland was 2-1 up on Laskey and this would have given Pate the group and eliminated the visitor from Ohio. Laskey fought back though to win 3-2 and top the group, sending Sweetland into the consolation.

Laskey carried his 0-0 v Pate into the second phase, and added two more draws against Peter Alegi and Peter Sexton. The draw with Alegi was the first points dropped by the Italian in five games in this tournament and enough to grab him a semi-final spot ahead of Sexton.

Laskey then met his shotgun Eric Walton of Dexter in the semi-final, entering extra time at 1-1, completing it at 2-2, and winning the shootout 2-1.

Peter Alegi defeated 14-year-old Nathan Pate 4-0 in the other semi-final. Nathan topped his group including Hamilton's Stephen McNab, and edged out Mike Ewer in phase two with a 1-1 draw.

Brian Lambert beat North Carolina's Brandon Minton in the consolation semi-final after a shootout, and went on to win the consolation 1-0 against Eric Albertson.

In all, 17 players took part. Two from Ontario, one each from Illinois and Ohio, one from North Carolina, and 12 based in Michigan including 10 from the Greater Grand Rapids area. It was the largest turnout in ten years of Michigan Subbuteo.

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May 5th 2013
Union Avenue Rangers reach final

Union Avenue Rangers came back from behind to oust FC Boom in the second semi-final of the GRAS Cup. They now face Barcerock Catarams in the final, which should be played on or around May 11.

April 13th 2013
Introducing "Stadion des 10. April"

On this significant date in Michigan and US history we are pleased to announce the refurbishment of SpeakEZ Lounge's Subbuteo pitch. It will be renamed "Stadion des 10. April" in reference to the date that Michigan became the first state to ratify the 21st Amendment. The German name refers not only to owner EZ's German connection but more significantly the role German-American brewers, of which there were many in Grand Rapids, played in ending prohibition. More details to follow.

April 10th 2013
Nate Does Daddy Double

Just 24 hours after knocking his dad Paul Pate out of the GRAS Cup, Nathan Pate won the Rockford Cup with a 1-0 win. The six player tournament involved five from Rockford including three youngsters, along with Grand Rapids' Brian Lambert who beat Michael Koster in the third place match.

Nick Lawson as Summit Plateau Knights and Landon Hunter as Rockford Reds were the final two in the tournament held at Michael Koster's home.

BRC 4 RRS 0, UAR 3 ROR 0;
RRS 1 SPK 0, MVM 1 UAR 0;
SPK 0 BRC 5, MVM 1 ROR 0;
UAR 4 RRS 0.
BRC 1 MVM 0.
Nathan Pate....BRC..2..2..0..0..9..0..6
Michael Koster.RRS..2..1..0..1..1..4..3
Nick Lawson....SPK..2..0..0..2..0..6..0
Paul Pate......MVM..2..2..0..0..2..0..6
Brian Lambert..UAR..2..1..0..1..3..1..3
Landon Hunter..ROR..2..0..0..2..0..4..0
April 7th 2013
GRAS Cup Semi-Finals

The GRAS Cup semi-finals will both be broadcast on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/misubbuteo! The first semi will be 6th April at 12.30pm between Myers View Magpies and Barcerock Catarams: The father-son battle is the match of the round. Exactly a week later, Union Avenue Rangers will meet underdogs FC Boom in the other semi. Go to the Video to watch it on re-run.

Sat 6 Apr 12.30pm Myers View Magpies 0 Barcerock Catarams 1 aet
Sat 13 Apr 12.30pm Union Avenue Rangers 3 FC Boom 1

April 5th 2013

Eric Albertson made it 2 out of 2 by beating a 10-player field in the latest newcomers tournament at SpeakEZ Lounge. He beat Michael Knorr in the final 2-0. Calin Skidmore tied Michael Koster 0-0 in the 3rd place game.

"EZ" is unbeaten in two beginners tournaments, winning 5 and drawing 5 of his games, scoring 9 goals and conceding none. First timer Michael Knorr had a great effort topping his group and reaching the final.

Rockford talents Nick Lawson and Landon Hunter put in a good show, in fact everyone had something to be proud of in this tournament.

CS 1 DW 0, Kn 1 ML 0;
SW 1 DW 1, CS 0 NL 1;
SW 0 Kr 1, NL 0 DW 0;
SW 0 CS 0, Kn 0 DW 0;
SW 1 NL 0, CS 0 Kn 1.
...................... P..W..D..L..F..A.Pt
Mike Knorr ........... 4..3..1..0..3..0.10
Scott Ware ........... 4..1..2..1..2..2..5
Calin Skidmore ....... 4..1..1..2..1..2..4
Nick Lawson .......... 4..1..1..2..1..2..4
Dan Weatherhead ...... 4..0..3..1..1..2..3
JN 0 Ko 1, LH 0 EZ 3;
DK 0 JN 2, LH 1 Ko 2;
DK 0 LH 0, EZ 0 Ko 0;
DK 0 Ko 0, JN 0 EZ 1;
DK 0 EZ 0, JN 0 LH 0.
...................... P..W..D..L..F..A.Pt
Eric EZ Albertson .... 4..2..2..0..4..0..8
Michael Koster ....... 4..2..2..0..3..1..8
Jason Norman ......... 4..1..1..2..2..2..4
Diana Knorr .......... 4..0..3..1..0..2..3
Landon Hunter ........ 4..0..2..2..1..5..2
Scott Ware and Nick Lawson withdrew
from playoffs due to other
Dan Weatherhead 0 Jason Norman 1;
Calin Skidmore 0 Michael Koster 0;
Michael Knorr 0 Eric Albertson 2.
1: Eric Albertson
2: Michael Knorr
3= Michael Koster
3= Calin Skidmore
5: Jason Norman
6: Dan Weatherhead
7: Scott Ware
8= Nick Lawson
9= Diana Knorr
10: Landon Hunter
March 23rd 2013
GRAS Cup Quarter-Finals Complete

QF Results

Mar 0910amMyers View Magpies*10Coit Park Rangers
Mar 0910.30amBarcerock Catarams31Cambridge United Penguins
Mar 0911amFC Boom#2(1)(1)2Real Finger2-0
Mar 171pmLazyboy Athletic01*Union Avenue Rangers

The final four for the GRAS Cup 2013 are set. Coit Park Rangers succumbed in the final seconds of extra time to their nemesis Myers View Magpies. Barcerock Catarams brushed aside a valiant effort from Cambridge United Penguins, while FC Boom and Real Finger could only be separated in a shootout after a high scoring extra time draw. The final game also went into extra time, Union Avenue Rangers spoiling Lazyboy Athletic's St Patrick's Day.

Semi-Final Draw:
Myers View Magpies v Barcerock Catarams
Union Avenue Rangers v FC Boom

March 17th 2013
GRAS Cup Enters Quarter-Final Stage

Nine teams entered the quarter-final draw, with one match still to be played on Tuesday afternoon. Three teams start their GRAS Cup play after receiving a bye in the first round. Two of those teams meet in the tie of the round: Myers View Magpies v Coit Park Rangers. CPR will be wanting to end a drought with no win since December 2010 against the Magpies.

The other interesting draw is Lazyboy Athletic against Union Avenue Rangers. Rangers edged Athletic 1-0 in the recent Lake Effect Trophy. Ties to be completed on or around March 9th.

Quarter-Final Draw:
FC Boom v Real Finger / Putteridge Shipbuilding Academy
Lazyboy Athletic v Union Avenue Rangers
Myers View Magpies v Coit Park Rangers
Barcerock Catarams v Cambridge Utd Penguins

February 16th 2013
GRAS Cup Flicks Off

First Round Results

Feb 1011amRogue River Stags02FC Boom
Feb 133pmLazyboy Athletic#00Jenks City Rebels2-0
Feb 1612.30pmPlaying Coy02Cambridge Utd Penguins
Feb 163pmEffington U02Union Avenue Rangers
Feb 193pmReal Finger#00Putteridge Shipbuilding Academy2-1

Thirteen entrants will compete for the 2013 GRAS Cup. Ten of them will start in the First Round, played on or around February 16th. Matches will be played at SpeakEZ Lounge on the high-top. If 10 minutes each way cannot separate the teams there will be two periods of 5 minutes with no golden goal, followed by a standard shootout.

First Round Draw:
Real Finger v Putteridge Shipbuilding Academy
Rogue River Stags v FC Boom
Lazyboy Athletic v Jenks City Rebels
Playing Coy v Cambridge United Penguins
Effington U v Union Avenue Rangers

February 2nd 2013
Teenager Reaches Final

Unseeded 14-year-old Nathan Pate from Rockford fought his way out of the group of death, topped the group and reached the final of the Lake Effect Trophy in Grand Rapids. His final performance impressed winner Peter Alegi, the Lansing Italian who is unbeaten since joining the Michigan circuit about a year ago. Nate's father Paul split third place with Brian Lambert, with Mike Ewer finishing 5th having fallen victim of the group of death with a last second goal by Nathan Pate for a 2-1 win. Top of 4 relative newcomers was the venue's proprietor Eric Albertson.

ATL 7 JCR 0, LBA 1 RRS 1;
ATL 7 RRS 0, UAR 2 JCR 0;
UAR 2 RRS 0, ATL 4 LBA 0;
UAR 1 LBA 0, RRS 0 JCR 0;
LBA 1 JCR 0, UAR 0 ATL 4.
...................... P..W..D..L..F..A.Pt
Peter Alegi .... .ATL. 4..4..0..0.22..0.12
Brian Lambert .. .UAR. 4..3..0..1..5..4..9
Eric Albertson . .LBA. 4..1..1..2..2..6..4
Michael Koster . .RRS. 4..0..2..2..1.10..2
Jen Waligora ... .JCR. 4..0..1..3..0.10..1
CPR 3 CUP 0, MVM 1 BRC 1;
CPR 1 BRC 2, MVM 4 CUP 0;
CPR 1 MVM 1, BRC 6 CUP 0.
...................... P..W..D..L..F..A.Pt
Nathan Pate .... .BRC. 3..2..1..0..9..2..7
Paul Pate ...... .MVM. 3..1..2..0..6..2..5
Mike Ewer ...... .CPR. 3..1..1..1..5..3..4
Dave Waligora .. .CUP. 3..0..0..3..0.13..0
Consolation SF
CPR 2 RRS 0, LBA 2 CUP 0;
Consolation Finals
CPR 1 LBA 0, RRS 0 CUP 0;
Championship SF
BRC 1 UAR 0, ATL 4 MVM 0;
Championship Finals
ATL 2 BRC 0, UAR 1 MVM 1;
1: Atletico Lansing
2: Barcerock Catarams
3= Union Avenue Rangers
3= Myers View Magpies
5: Coit Park Rangers
6: Lazyboy Athletic
7= Rogue River Stags
7= Cambridge United Penguins
9: Jenks City Rebels
January 26th 2013
Michigan rejoins ASA

After an lengthy absence, Michigan will be represented on the American Subbuteo map next year. The board of the American Subbuteo Association recognised a repatriation initiative.

Our first tournament back in the national calendar will be the January 26th Lake Effect Trophy at a yet to be announced venue in Grand Rapids.

December 25th 2012
EZ Does It!

The amazing spurt of interest brought about since sending James Park on loan to SpeakEZ Lounge in Grand Rapids resulted in a first ever beginners only tournament being held.

Six players took part, five of which hadn't seen or heard of the game before it was introduced at GR's main EPL venue, and one other who hadn't touched it since his childhood in England. The second pitch was John Peel Memorial Stadium. Table height was above regulation as is usually the case at SpeakEZ.

It was the host that took the spoils, Eric "EZ" Albertson winning two and drawing the other three of his games, conceding no goals in the process. He edged out two other unbeaten players, Christian "Kasper" Kasperlik of Kentwood and Stuart Allen of Ferrysburg but formerly of Wanstead, London.

Two paint-your-own teams were up for grabs as prizes, EZ won one of them and the other was taken on entertainment value by Zach Boswell who was involved in 8 of the 11 goals scored, scoring three (tied best) and conceding five (worst). He finished fourth, escaping the basement with a 2-0 win in his final game.

Husband and wife David and Jen Waligora occupied the final two spots, but for being a beginners tournament there was plenty of good play and everyone scored at least one goal.

DW 1 JW 1, ZB 0 EA 2;
CK 0 EA 0, SA 0 DW 0;
CK 0 JW 0;
ZB 0 DW 0, SA 1 JW 0;
CK 1 ZB 0, SA 0 EA 0;
JW 0 EA 0, CK 0 DW 0;
SA 1 ZB 1, DW 0 EA 1;
SA 0 CK 0, ZB 2 JW 0;
...................... P..W..D..L..F..A.Pt
Eric Albertson ....... 5..2..3..0..3..0..9
Stuart Allen ......... 5..1..4..0..2..1..7
Christian Kasperlik .. 5..1..4..0..1..0..7
Zach Boswell ......... 5..1..2..2..3..5..5
Dave Waligora ........ 5..0..4..1..1..2..4
Jen Waligora ......... 5..0..3..2..1..4..3
December 15th 2012
Gap Closed

In two small tournaments at SpeakEZ Lounge in Grand Rapids on Saturday, Atletico Lansing went home victorious. But GR players can take pride in their performances, pushing Atletico in almost every game.

In three previous tournaments, Atletico had won all 17 games, and not conceded a single goal. As early as the first game at Oktoberflick, Myers View Magpies scored an historic first ever goal against them to draw level at 1-1. This only served to "poke the bear" and two quick goals by Atletico gave them the win.

Earlier, Magpies had beaten Coit Park Rangers 2-1, a result which is no longer a surprise. Magpies now have a seven game unbeaten streak over the Bees (4-3-0), and three wins in a row.

But Magpies' goal against Atletico was inspiring for Coit Park Rangers as they took on the might of Lansing in the final game. Atletico were 2-0 up in the second half when CPR hit back. As time wound down, CPR played patiently, defensively, putting on counter attacks to keep Atletico's defence honest... and with just two seconds left on the clock a low chip over the keeper sent Rs manager Mike Ewer on a lap of honour.

The second tournament saw Magpies sit one out, and the title came down to the final game between Atletico and CPR. Based on the previous result, the Bees were confident of holding them to a close game and maybe sneaking a win. Atletico took the lead but again CPR pulled one back, and were unlucky not to grab a winner.

MVM 1 UAR 0;
MVM 2 CPR 1;
MVM 1 ATL 3;
UAR 0 CPR 1;
UAR 0 ATL 4;
CPR 2 ATL 2.
UAR 0 CPR 1;
UAR 0 ATL 6;
CPR 1 ATL 1.
October 13th 2012
Michigan Rankings Released

For the first time in a couple of years, MiSTFA has released state rankings. It's a simple formula. Win a 6-player competition in the past 12 months, it's 12 points and so on down the line to 2. In the previous 12 months it's half the amount.

Just based on the three tournaments he's won in the past year, Peter Alegi is top of the rankings. With two second place finishes in these past 12 months, Paul Pate has moved into 2nd place. Mike Ewer slips into third.

.3.Mike.....Ewer.....Grand Rapids.29
.4.Brian....Lambert..Grand Rapids.23
.5.Amanda...Ewer.....Grand Rapids..8
.8.Sloth.............Grand Rapids..3
10.James....Veenstra.Grand Rapids..1
September 12th 2012
Hat-Trick for Atletico

Three tournaments, three wins, no goals conceded. Peter Alegi's Atletico Lansing are by far the force to be reckoned with in Michigan. Atletico added another 25 goals in six games at Loftus Road West and The Loft, putting an end to another great effort by Myers View Magpies with a 3-0 win in the final of the 4th White City Cup. Magpies beat Coit Park Rangers 1-0 in extra time in the semi-final. Espartanos scored their first goal in just their second tournament, drawing 1-1 with hosts Union Avenue Rangers.

ATL 2 CPR 0, UAR 1 RES 1;
CPR 2 RES 0, UAR 0 MVM 3;
CPR 0 MVM 1, ATL 7 RES 0;
ATL 3 MVM 0, CPR 2 UAR 0;
MVM 2 RES 0, ATL 5 UAR 0.
ATL 5 UAR 0, MVM 1 CPR 0 aet.
ATL 3 MVM 0.
July 21st 2012
Atletico Edge Hosts

Again it was Peter Alegi's Atletico Lansing who were the team to beat, putting up 16 goals without conceding at the 5th Lake Effect Trophy. In the final though, they had their toughest match yet, winning by a lone strike from a direct free kick against hosts Coit Park Rangers. Myers View Magpies continued their fine form, edging Thatcher Berends' Playing Coy out of the group stage. The tournament saw debuts for Barcerock Catarams from Rockford and Real Espartanos from Lansing. Amanda Ewer returned with Effington U.

Group A
CPR 1 RES 0, PLC 0 MVM 0;
CPR 2 MVM 2, PLC 1 RES 0;
MVM 1 RES 0, CPR 5 PLC 1.
Group B
EFU 0 ATL 6, UAR 2 BRC 0;
EFU 0 UAR 1, ATL 2 BRC 0;
ATL 4 UAR 0, EFU 0 BRC 0.
Consolation SF
BRC 2 RES 0, EFU 1 PLC 0.
Consolation F
BRC 2 EFU 0.
ATL 3 MVM 0, UAR 0 CPR 1.
ATL 1 CPR 0.
Group A
Group B
January 15th 2012
Debut Tourney Win for Lansing

Peter Alegi's Atletico Lansing was a last minute entry into this year's Turkey Shoot, and romped away with all the spoils. Six wins, no goals conceded. The Italian demonstrated how to handle the tricky pitches of Loftus Road West and The Loft. Magpies came in a surprise second taking four points from encounters with CPR. Hosts Union Avenue had one solitary point and no goals to show for their efforts. Mandalecht missed the tournament through injury.

MVM 0 ATL 3, UAR 0 CPR 1;
ATL 1 CPR 0, MVM 1 UAR 0;
UAR 0 ATL 2, MVM 1 CPR 0;
CPR 0 MVM 0, ATL 5 UAR 0;
UAR 0 MVM 0, CPR 0 ATL 2;
CPR 3 UAR 0, ATL 2 MVM 0.
November 26th 2011
White City Cup hoisted by hosts

Union Avenue Rangers won the third White City Cup as favourites Coit Park Rangers drew two of their five games. The round-robin tournament saw Ice Pirates and Newcastle Angels join the four Belknap League sides. Venues were Loftus Road West and The Loft.

April 17th 2011
Apertura win for Coit Park

Coit Park Rangers win the Belknap League Apertura title with four straight wins at home. Bees needed just a draw from the final game against Myers View Magpies to oust them and Union Avenue Rangers. Earlier, Magpies' hopes of at least edging UAR for second place were given a blow as they lost 0-2 to Mandalecht - the Purps' first win in the reduced size league.


Check the Belknap League site for details.

December 9th 2010
New Website for MiSTFA

Due to the frequent maintenance required to keep spammers off the discussion board, weighed up against the amount of usage given to it, MiSTFA has unveiled a new site design. Any discussion can be had via Facebook or Twitter, or if you don't use those sites you can e-mail us your questions and we'll post them and the answers on our site.

July 16th 2010
Apertura Opens

The Belknap League Apertura 2010 opened in Grand Rapids tonight, at The Sod at Myers View in Rockford. The hosts Myers View Magpies take on Mandalecht in the photo to the right. Results:


Check the Belknap League site for details.

July 7th 2010
Belknap League starts in Grand Rapids

Players in Grand Rapids will get together again this week to begin the 2010 Apertura, a 5-month-long league. Seven participants have chosen their team names and will play at three different buildings on four different pitches. To follow this league, visit: http://belknapleague.mistfa.org

July 4th 2010