Coppa Perugia Win for Alegi

The WASPA tournament was won by Peter Alegi, sweeping the tournament with a 100% record.

Marcus Fila was a solid second place at Woodland Sports, Nate Pate third. The wooden spoon was a close-run thing, Mike Ewer edging out Paul Pate by two goals.

August 22nd 2015
Alegi Reaches National Veterans Final

While his national open category tournament finished in the wild card round, he managed to reach the final of the veterans tournament, where he lost 2-1 in a shootout to Maryland's Paul Eyes.

Peter also reached the FISTF International Open quarter-finals where he also lost to Paul Eyes in overtime. His defeat in the open category was 0-1 to Stuart Russell. Michigan's other representative Paul Pate lost out in the group stage of the national open against Paul O'Donovan Rossa and Max Ambrosio.

August 8th 2015
Haefke Claims Flicko Win

Erik Haefke defeated perennial finalist Peter Alegi 4-3 in a thrilling final in sudden death overtime.

Nine participants were present at the annual Flicko de Mayo, for the second consecutive year a FISTF Satellite.

May 2nd 2015
Alegi Wins Spring Classic

Peter Alegi warmed up for the Flicko de Mayo by winning the Spring Classic at Woodland Sports.

Chris Sweetland made the trip up from Chicago but could only finish fourth in a five-player tournament, beating Alex Galarza 2-0 and drawing with second placed Nathan Pate 0-0.

Nate edged out his dad with a 1-0 win in the final round of games.

April 11th 2015
New FISTF Rules

New rules have been released by FISTF with immediate effect.

None of the new rules contradict or affect any of the MiSTFA house rules. A document explaining the differences and the entire new rulebook can be downloaded in our Rules section.

September 15th 2014
Double for Boscombe Rapids

Marcus Fila's Boscombe Rapids won the league and cup double. He completed the KCSL season 6 points clear of Nathan Pate's Barcerock Catarams.

The double was won with an emphatic 5-1 win over Mike Ewer's Coit Park Rangers. The KCSL season completed some three months late, leaving doubts as to whether the league will continue.

August 10th 2014
Peter Alegi Joins Chicago Club

Our good friend Peter Alegi of East Lansing has joined the new Chicago & Midwest club Hercules Subbuteo Club.

Once club play gets going in the States they already have a strong line-up, with Ilias Gikas heading up the club, along with Erik Haefke and Dustin Richie. Peter will remain an honorary and de facto member of MiSTFA, but will only represent the Chicago club in tournament play.

August 5th 2014
Rangers Both Move Up

Barcerock have five games in hand, but CPR moved into second in the KCSL with a 2-0 win over NK'86, while Union Avenue beat the same opponents twice to edge into fourth.

UAR 2 NKI 0,
CPR 2 NKI 0,
Boscombe Rapids....19.14..3..2.46-16.45
Coit Park Rangers..19..8..5..6.30-21.29
Barcerock Catarams.14..8..3..3.25-10.27
Union Ave Rangers..18..6..6..6.18-23.24
Myers View Magpies.17..6..4..7.18-21.22
NK'86 Idemaar......19..0..1.18..3-49..1

June 29th 2014
Boscombe Edge Towards Double

Boscombe Rapids met Barcerock Catarams in a league-cup double header, and edged towards the double.

A 1-1 draw in the league left Rapids needing just a single point to win the KCSL title, while in the GRAS Cup semi-final they followed up a 2-2 draw with a 4-2 shootout win to reach the final against Coit Park Rangers.

Boscombe Rapids....19.14..3..2.46-16.45
Barcerock Catarams.14..8..3..3.25-10.27
Coit Park Rangers..18..7..5..6.28-21.26
Myers View Magpies.17..6..4..7.18-21.22
Union Ave Rangers..16..4..6..6.15-23.18
NK'86 Idemaar......16..0..1.15..3-44..1

June 12th 2014
Rapids Approach Title

Marcus Fila's Boscombe Rapids moved to within inches of a KCSL title last night with two wins over Chad Idema's NK'86 Idemaar.

Barcerock Catarams (Nate Pate) are the only team who can catch them, but need to win almost every remaining game, including two against Rapids.

NKI 0 BOR 4,
Boscombe Rapids....18.14..2..2.45-15.44
Barcerock Catarams.13..8..2..3.24-9..26
Coit Park Rangers..18..7..5..6.28-21.26
Myers View Magpies.17..6..4..7.18-21.22
Union Ave Rangers..16..4..6..6.15-23.18
NK'86 Idemaar......16..0..1.15..3-44..1

May 28th 2014
CPR reach GRAS Cup Final

Coit Park Rangers knock Naperville Forest out of the GRAS Cup and reach the final, rushing out to a 3-0 first half lead and holding on for a 3-2 win.

May 11th 2014
Double Revenge for Alegi

Redemption for Peter Alegi as he lifts Flicko de Mayo title, exacting revenge on a group stage defeat by Erik Haefke.

Alegi edged out Ilias Gikas in a shootout in the semi-finals, while Haefke sneaked past Mike Ewer in a five-goal thriller.

May 10th 2014
KCSL Action in Rockford

A limited number of games were played in the Kent County Subbuteo League, with mixed results for the mid-table pack chasing Catarams.

A great result for CPR, winning 3-1 at Magpies, was obliterated with a 1-3 defeat against Union Avenue.

UAR 2 BOR 2, MVM 1 CPR 3;
MVM 0 BOR 1, UAR 3 CPR 1;
MVM 2 UAR 0;
CPR 2 UAR 2.
Boscombe Rapids....16.12..2..2.38-13.38
Barcerock Catarams.13..8..2..3.24-9..26
Coit Park Rangers..18..7..5..6.28-21.26
Myers View Magpies.17..6..4..7.18-21.22
Union Ave Rangers..16..4..6..6.15-23.18
NK'86 Idemaar......14..0..1.13..1-37..1

Catarams and NK'86 are involved in all but one of the remaining fixtures.

May 5th 2014
CPR Wrap up Home Fixtures

The final matches to be held at John Peel Memorial Stadium for some time took place with home side CPR going unbeaten.

Seven matches were played, Coit Park Rangers kept in touch with second place Barcerock Catarams with a 2-0 win.

BRC 0 MVM 0, UAR 1 BOR 4;
CPR 2 BRC 0, MVM 3 NKI 0;
CPR 1 MVM 1, BRC 2 UAR 1;
BOR 3 NKI 0.
Boscombe Rapids....14.11..1..2.35-11.34
Barcerock Catarams.13..8..2..3.24-9..26
Coit Park Rangers..15..6..4..5.22-15.22
Myers View Magpies.14..5..4..5.15-17.19
Union Ave Rangers..12..3..4..5..8-16.13
NK'86 Idemaar......14..0..1.13..1-37..1

Info here.

April 14th 2014
Flicko de Mayo Venue Set

Faced with moving from our beloved SpeakEZ Lounge, we are pleased to announce Rezervoir Lounge as the alternative.

Situated about a mile north of downtown Grand Rapids, Rezervoir has a lot of space for us to use. We are sad to lose a great venue but happy to be hooked up with a great alternative!

April 4th 2014
Flicko de Mayo set for GR

We welcome players from around the US or further afield to Grand Rapids for Flicko de Mayo III. Last year it was our highest ever attended tournament, with 17 participants. This year...???

If you're on Twitter, start creating a buzz for the tournament by using hashtag #flickodemayo and follow us at @misubbuteo !

March 30th 2014
Back on the World Map

The next open tournament hosted by MiSTFA will be a FISTF Satellite tournament.

It's nine years since a FISTF event was hosted in Michigan, Zach Walker beating his brother Chris in Muskegon. We also hosted one in 2004, won by Ontario's Chris Buttigieg against Pennsylvania's Mike Benkart. The venue for the tournament has not yet been set, it will be in either Grand Rapids or Detroit.

February 16th 2014
From One Tie of the Round to the Next

The Quarter-Final draw was made Sunday, and the road to the final for the Rangers teams was made a little more difficult. The winners of last week's postponed tie will meet Myers View Magpies.

Info here.

February 16th 2014
Tight Games in Weekend Cup Ties

Last year's semi-finalists FC Boom knocked out KCSL strugglers NK'86 Idemaar with the only goal of a tight contest Saturday. In Sunday's game, Effington U grabbed a last minute winner in extra time against Rivertown Roar.

Info here.

February 16th 2014
Rapids Edge Back to Top

KCSL action resumed with a short meet at The Scratching Post. A 3-0 win against Myers View Magpies gave Boscombe Rapids a slight edge at the top, as Barcerock Catarams battled to a 2-1 win over Coit Park Rangers.

Info here.

February 10th 2014
Rockford Pair Ease into Quarters

Cup holders Barcerock Catarams blew away Putteridge Shipbuilding Academy with an 8-0 win, while Myers View Magpies had a tougher time with another fledgling team, Atlas, winning 3-0.

Info here.

February 8th 2014
GRAS Cup 1st Round Draw Complete

2013 finalists Union Avenue Rangers take on Coit Park Rangers in the tie of the 1st round of this year's GRAS Cup.

Other interesting ties are Rivertown Roar v Effington U and FC Boom v NK'86 Idemaar. Best game for giantkilling hopefuls? Possibly the defensive Lazyboy Athletic against the attacking Boscombe Rapids. Full draw here.

January 25th 2014
Lake Effect Trophy CANCELLED

Due to snow drifting and difficult driving conditions we have cancelled the Lake Effect Trophy. If we decide to set a new date we will post it here as well as on social media.

January 25th 2014
Lake Effect Trophy Returns for 10th Anniversary

We will welcome players to SpeakEZ Lounge in Grand Rapids for Lake Effect Trophy VII.

This tournament was our second one ever, hosted in 2004 for the first time. Most recently, Peter Alegi beat a 9-person field to win the 2013 title, beating 14-year-old Nathan Pate in the final. If you're on Twitter, start creating a buzz for the tournament by using hashtag #lakeeffecttrophy and follow us at @misubbuteo !

December 2nd 2013